Saturday, June 30, 2007

July's Assignments

July's Assignments are posted!!!!! (over there on the right).

If you haven't finished the June assignment, don't fret -- skip June and move on to July or skip July and work on June -- if you're feeling particularly thirsty..... do both, it's a long month.

You'll notice that the July assignment was suggested by Sarah, so if you have a suggestion for a future assignment -- please feel free.



Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Woo hoo!

I like the extra cradit assignment too.

Head up to those of you that aren't familiar with South African wines. They make great Sav. Blancs and Pinotage is a red that is tasty.

Sue said...

Are you kidding? We ran right out and got our July assignment and extra credit assignment (and a few other things)!

Can't wait to try both!

Arwen said...

When I can drink again I will definitely try a South African wine. Looking forward to it....

Jacob Gaffney said...

In my quest to try every single grape in the world in wine form, I happened on a bottle of Xinomavro from Greece. It's too bad, but it turned ouf it was too old and could not be consumed (yes it was that bad)... so I think I will try a Pinotage tonight and tell you about it soon.

sean said...

In honour of the July assignment I had a bottle of George Kinross Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot from Paarl in South Africa.

It was a bit gasoline-like at first, but opened up nicely to give some plummy flavours.

It had a very strange bottle, in that it showed the tasting notes on the front and the blend of grapes and region on the back.

Jacob Gaffney said...

I sampled a pinotage last night and found something unexpected, and perhaps unwanted, it's reviewed in today's post on
the 2005 Graham Beck is widely available in the states, isn't it?