Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vitamin Water? or Welch's Purple Grape Juice?

The Big Dubya picked a bottle of red from a local vineyard, as the extra credit assignment instructed. In this case, he selected Sachem's Picnic from the Hopkins Vineyard in nearby Warren, CT.

I'm a girl, I know -- but the label looked fun and happy to me -- I love sunflowers and the description reminded me of summer, it reads as follows:

"Sachem's Picnic is a semi-sweet, low-tannin wine, light in color with bright raspberry, blackberry, and plum fruit. It is best enjoyed within a year or two. Food pairings: Picnic basket fried chicken, Carolina pulled pork sandwiches, a classic burger with the "works" or a good dog (we like ours with caramelized onions and mustard)."

The Big Guy opened the bottle, poured a couple of glasses and let them "breath" for a little bit. I asked him to bring me my glass and read the bottle to me. After he read the description, I held it up to my nose..... FRUIT PUNCH! I smell........ fruit punch.

I took a sip, the Big Dubya must have seen something on my face because he said "Oh, no... not good?"

I said nothing and he took a sip..... he exclaimed VITAMIN WATER!

I had hoped the second taste would improve, but...... no -- it tastes like a bitter Welch's Grape Juice and I'm not sure I can finish the glass.... never mind the bottle. I was embarrassed to suggest it, but he was relieved when I asked him to pour it down the drain.

The label is true, you can indeed taste the berry flavors -- however, for $11.99 I was hoping for something more than spiked Hawaiian Punch.

Sorry, but thumbs down, way down -- this bottle could easily be confused with one of the illustrious "Wines of the Fenway".... I can almost smell the pee.


Darren said...

I saw that one too and had a feeling that "picnic" was code for juice.

Alicia said...

I just tried this wine for the first time last night, and my reaction was exactly the same as yours, right down to pouring the rest of my glass down the drain. Ick.

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoyed it. I would buy again