Friday, June 22, 2007

We Cheated a Little

Sue and I went for the extra credit assignment even though we hadn’t separately completed the May and June assignments. (We still have another bottle of South American wine waiting to be tasted though.) I think that’ll we’ll just take it month by month to see whether we’ll each review a bottle of wine each month or just take turns writing about one bottle.

We also cheated on the extra credit assignment itself. There are wineries that are more local (we actually have two that are just one town away), but we went to a liquor store and bought one from a vineyard that’s in southeast Connecticut. Stonington Vineyards had the best selection of our state’s wines and choices other than blends. We also spent $16.99, which is a little more than the $15 we were limited to.

We’re not huge fans of white wines, but we picked a 2003 Chardonnay. According to the vineyard’s site, the wine “has been fermented and aged in both French and American oak barrels. This adds to its complexities, and gives an up front yet not overpowering oak finish. There are also wonderful tones of pear and butter. This wine is wonderful with classic French cuisine.”

We didn’t have our Chardonnay with French cuisine. There may have been some French bread involved though. If we had thrown some French fries into the oven and gotten some French dressing, we’d have created “dinner mon dieu.” (We’re good with the John Cusack movie references too—even though we totally missed the boat on appropriately titling that last review of the Peruvian wine “And to drink…”)

Sue liked the wine more than I did, but I didn’t hate it. Actually, it’s a wine that I’d try again—especially if we’re ever at the vineyard to get it. It wasn’t too dry, wasn’t too fruity, and who could resist “tones of butter.”

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Mrs Big Dubya said...

The Whinery has no rules.... just guidelines -- so you didn't cheat, you just "pushed the envelope".

Thanks for the review -- we tend to be more red-people too, but... I'm hoping that some of these assignments will push us to try new things.

Maybe we'll get some people together for a whinery night :)