Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Perfect Gift

Mother's Day is coming.... Father's Day too, but let's talk about Mother's Day shall we?

I don't know about you, but I think wine would be the perfect gift.... wine, wine, wine. But, I suppose there may be something a little bit off about a young child(ren) giving the gift of wine -- let's just say... my mother, she absolutely wouldn't approve.

So, how about a wine-inspired gift?

You may remember, a few months back I posted about a cute 'lil company I read about on-line.

Founded by a thirty-something husband-wife team, Little Barrel makes the most adorable higher-end, wine inspired accessories. Neckties, headbands and scarf belts -- all with whimsical, yet still very subtle wine patterns -- and let's not forget their fantastic tote bags & purses -- stylish and functional (the larger size can accommodate 2 bottles of wine, yet not look bulky!).

This couple is so crazy about wine, that they've even started their own blog where they talk about all the fabulous vineyards they've had the opportunity to visit and all the wines they've gotten to try. If you are looking for some really cool wine destinations, great restaurants or even ways to find tastings on a budget -- it's definitely worth checking out -- and you can follow them on Twitter!

I think mothers everywhere (this one in particular) would be thrilled to have a Little Barrel Mother's Day.... and thanks to our fabulous friends at Little Barrel, readers of The Whinery will enjoy 15% off their purchase from now 'til May 11th -- just enter WHINERY at checkout.

Now, get on over there and pick up one of those cute headbands -- and while you are there, check out the ties.... Father's Day is coming and these fun ties will keep any Dad looking really sharp!


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