Sunday, April 26, 2009

May's Assignment

The warm weather is here..... and what goes hand-in-hand with summer??? You guessed it -- grillin'.

Whether you are grilling up some veggies, steaks, chicken, fish or just plain ole fashioned burgers & dogs..... this month's assignment is to post about a wine you chose to accompany food cooked on the grill. If you use wine to marinate.... by all means, mention that too -- recipes are always welcome!

If, like myself, you aren't quite sure what kind of wine best compliments grilled food -- don't be intimidated, take the opportunity to ask the personnel of your local wine shop -- in many cases he/she can make a fabulous recommendation.... they are just waiting to be asked.

Extra Credit:
If you are feeling particularly thirsty...... the extra credit assignment, in honor of Mother's Day, is LADIES CHOICE -- select a genre of wine that a lady in your life (wife, mother, daughter, girlfriend, sister) would enjoy -- try to select a label that you haven't tried before.



Arwen said...

Does it count that I have been drinking a lot of black box Shiraz and grilling?
I will definitely do a little champagne extra credit...

Mrs Big Dubya said...

Of course it counts.... write about it!!!! and tell us whatcha been cookin'

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

On it.

Your assignments are way better than the ones I ever got in school.