Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pinot What?

Interesting assignment this month -- anything that begins with Pinot! How to choose?

I found this Sidewise Pinot Noir (ours was a 2005) (not to be confused with the whole Pinot Noir discussion in Sideways) at our favorite local wine store for $9.99.

Mr. PunditMom couldn't believe I had found a Pinot Noir for the assignment that was under $15 and was somewhat suspect about whether this would be drinkable or not!

Surprisingly, it was pretty tasty. Lots of berry flavors that went well with our "gourmet" Trader Joe's gnocchi and ripe tomato and avocado salad. (I love you, Trader Joe's, but that's another post!)

Just having gotten home from vacation in France, I worried that we would be spoiled from drinking so much wonderful, inexpensive wine that whatever we tried would be a disappointment. But we were pleasantly surprised and I'll definitely keep it in mind for when the Mark West isn't on sale!


Mrs Big Dubya said...

cool label!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I've got a great Pinot Noir for you for under $15.

Steel Creek Pinot Noir. you can get it at wine warehouse for $11.99 and it is especially great with a bleu cheese and crackers.

Sue said...

We like pinot noir - it's one of our favorites! I'll have to remember to look for this one next time I'm wine shopping.

Mrs. Chicky said...

A Pinot Noir for under 10 bucks?? Yes please.

I'll definitely be looking for it at my local wine shops.

CPA Mom said...

I'm wishing I had some of that Trader Joe's gnocchi and ripe tomato and avocado salad. Ymmm! Oh, the wine I will have to try just for the label. I LOVED that movie.

PunditMom said...

Sarah, I'll be looking for that one!