Monday, August 27, 2007

Miscellaneous Business

Long time no post.... I know, I know.....

In my defense, I was in CA and didn't forget about my Whinery responsibilities..... I thought of you all when I enjoyed a delicious Pinot Noir at my cousin's rehearsal dinner -- it was so delicious in fact that I decided to review it for the blog's August assignment. I even went so far as to have Aunt P take a photo of the bottle so that I wouldn't forget the name (she's in Key West this week, so I still don't have the photo).

If you must know, it was so delicious that I drank a lot of it..... too much of it..... so much of it that hubby took the kids back to the hotel and I went dancing with Aunt P, the bride and her friends..... let's be clear -- I don't dance.

This wine was so delicious, that I ordered shots..... and drank shots ordered for me. Yes friends, this wine took me down a dark path. Random men bought us drinks, and we drank them -- we had no shame.

This wine was so delicious that I was junk the entire next day..... and I don't remember a single thing about it.... nope, not the taste, the flavor, not the bold colors or even the label. I suck!

Anyway, the Big Dubya and I are enjoying a glass of Pinot Noir right now -- one of us will be reviewing it for you all tonight or tomorrow.

In other news, you may have noticed we have a new member. Please join me in welcoming Paige (from The Avery Lane Experience) to our prestigious (cough, cough) club.

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Sue said...

What happens in California, stays in California? Sounds like you had a great time, and I'm going to be getting some of that Pinot Noir when your sisters gets you the picture!

Paige said...

Thank you for letting me join. As a South Louisiana girl, I can guarantee you that I'll have no trouble posting about wine drinking...or drinking period.