Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pinot for Puppy?

Sorry, it's a poor pun, but..... I tried.

Came across this on Mir's site and just had to bring it to your attention...

The Barkundy is described as:

Your canine will enjoy Bark Vineyards Barkundy. A gourmet treat experience awaits the canine who receives a bottle of the Bark Vineyards' 2006 varietals. Pour evenly over a meal, step back as your beloved furry friend savors the delicious bouquet and unique flavors. As with many fine wines, sediment may collect in the bottom of the bottle. Buy a case for your best friend, or share with your many canine friends.

And can be yours for a mere $179.88, that's a $60 savings.
In addition to the Barkundy, it also comes in Pinot Leasheo, Meowlot and Sauvignon Bark

Can somebody please tell me, what is wrong with people?


CPA Mom said...

that is just wrong, on SO many levels.

Sue said...

Wait - the wine is supposed to be for the dog? That's just wrong. Everyone knows dogs drink beer!

Darren said...

Forget the dog. For $180 I'd be drinking it.