Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not exactly wine, but.....

I've posted here before (or, well.... I think I have) that I'm a big fan of Bailey's Irish Cream. Last year, a co-worker recommended using the new caramel variety Bailey's to spike egg nogg. I was pregnant last year, so I didn't take her up on the recommendation (although I probably will try it this year) but I posted it here for you guys to try..... did anybody try it?

Anyway, this year Baileys has come out with a new flavor Bailey's -- it's Bailey's with a hint of coffee. At first, I'll admit it -- I thought this was kind of silly because..... that's generally what I use Bailey's for ... to amp up my coffee. What's this going to do for me? Coffee flavored coffee?

But, I was curious enough to get a bottle and Yum! I just had it on the rocks and it was a lovely sipper --

Give it a try!


Sue said...

We can't have Baileys in our house because someone (ahem Darren ahem) allegedly made some sort of foul concoction in college containing Bailey's and swears that it was the reason for the vomiting.

However, I do like a nice frosty mudslide on occasion during the warmer months.

Mommy said...

All the flavored Bailey's I have tried are great sippers.

GutsyWriter said...

This could replace my coffee. Just kidding! I'm so upset that Hiram Walker no longer makes "Creme de Cassis." That's what my grocery store manager told me. I used to love my Kir Royal, champagne with this thick syrupy blackcurrant liquor.