Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The choice of Dr. Frank-n-Furter

Ok, honestly, when you look at the label you say, "Look, a novelty wine."  But, I'm here to tell you, it's no novelty.  It's actually pretty good.  Good enough that it will be added to the list of "buy agains."  That is if I had a list of "buy agains."

Mrs. Big Dubya got this bottle as a gift at her office baby shower.  Yes, a baby shower for a third child.  These work people of hers just like their parties.  Anyway.  So, we enjoyed the Vampire Merlot 2004 this evening.  Well, Mrs. Big Dubya had one glass.  I had...well...more than one.  Maybe the rest of the bottle.  I'll never tell.  Don't judge me.  Once you get past the kitschy vampire references on the label - "favorite among the nocturnal elite"..."Sip the blood of the Vine" - you'll learn that it has am "intense dark plum bouquet" and that it can "take on the biggest chargrilled steaks and barbecued meats."  The wine is a deep, ruby red bordering on dark purple and you can taste some plum as well as some black cherry on the palate.  It is also mild on the tannins which I find particularly nice.  As with any Merlot, there is an oakiness to it, but not as intense or as distinctive as most - if you like that deep, oaky smoky flavor, you might not like the Vampire.  The Merlot is also blended with Cabernet (8%) and Zinfandel (8%) which add to its complex nature.

For the price ($7-$11 depending on retailer) you really can't go wrong.  I give it two fangs up.  I'm sorry.  Drink it.  You won't be cross.  I'll stake my reputation on it.  Someone please stop me


Sue said...

Sounds good, but what are Mrs. Big Dubya's co-workers trying to tell you about her??

TwoBusy said...

I picked up a bottle of this as a gift to a wine-snow couple we know. They laughed when they received it... then never spoke of it again.

Glad to know it wasn't completely horrifying, as we'd feared/hoped that we'd poisoned them.

TwoBusy said...

By snow, I meant "snob."Sorry. A couple of bottles of something non-vampire related have apparently impaired my typing skillz this evening.

Darren said...

We just had a "novelty" wine too and the experience wasn't so good. I'll get a post up soon.