Friday, June 20, 2008

Where do you buy your wine?

Just wondering -- where do you buy your wine?

I know in some cities/towns/states, you are able to purchase wine in the supermarket. Where I grew up, our town didn't allow it -- but a few neighboring towns did.... this seemed really cool.

As I became more interested in wine, I realized that "supermarket wines" were typically limited to the Riunites of the world -- but, in recent years some of the supermarket chains have really expanded their wine offerings.

Wine shops aren't as predominant in some areas as in others -- although some liquor stores have wine shops within.....

So, I'm wondering -- where do you buy your wine?

Supermarket ?

Specialty Wine Shop?


Liquor Store?


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I mostly buy my wine at "Total Wine" a huge chain that just sells beer and wine.

Sometimes I buy it at the grocery store if I am desperate, but it is overpriced and the selection sucks.

I prefer small private wine stores but there isn't a good one close to my house.

I had a great one in Tampa. If you are ever there try Jenn's Wine Shop.

Sue said...

If we're near my dad's house there's an A&P Liquor store (believe it or not the prices are reasonable and there's a huge selection)...around town we usually end up at whatever store we're nearest at the time.

I think the only wine you can get in the grocery stores around here are the faux cooking wines.

Gudrun said...

we have a couple places - K&L and Beltramo's, when we feel like we need some guidance and help. And then we have found good buys at CostCo, CostPlus and believe it or not, Safeway. Reading the other comments, I am feeling pretty good about our options!

Kara said...

usually where I'm buying groceries... and as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts doesn't allow wine in most supermarkets, I have taken to doing much of our shopping at our local Trader Joes which meets some Byzantine criteria and is allowed to sell beer and wine.

Pauline said...

we make our own wine with wine kits from a local store which supplies beer and wine makers. not for profit, and we love it.

Mommy said...

Used to always buy at the liquor store as grocery stores can NOT carry wine. However, recently they have been getting around that by having a seperate, but onsite, store with wine, beer, liquor. It is AWESOME as the prices are WAY cheaper - try $2-3 a bottle cheaper! They carry nice wines and ordinary wines - even their own version of Two Buck Chuck that has a decent merlot and pinot grigio for $2.75 a bottle.