Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Review of a Wine I Can't Spell

This assignment was hard for me. I have been struggling to find a good wine to pair with barbecue for three summers now. It seems to me like a good Carolina or Texas barbecue sauce will really kill a wine.

So, I did what any wino would do. I asked my wine guy.

I asked him what I should get to drink with a big Texas style barbecued brisket.

He suggested this.

He said it was a big red.

The problem is, this particular wine guy and I don't always agree on what is a good pairing.

And in this case I thought the barbecue killed the wine completely. I really couldn't taste it. I has to switch back to beer for the meal.

After the meal was over I went back to my glass of wine and surprise, surprise.

Still nothing.

It was a very mild, old world red. I believe it was a Grenache and Syrah blend. Those are two of my very favorite grapes. I love a big, bold, fruity wine.

But this wine (insert long French words here. Dude, I took a picture, I wasn't smart enough to write it down too) tasted watered down.

I think it was $12.99.

It wasn't gross, like the cheaper bottles of wine. It didn't have that paint thinner aftertaste, it was just completely meh.

And there you have it.

(Stay tuned for EVIL - the post where I buy a bottle of wine based soley on the label. Just like a girl.)


Mrs Big Dubya said...

You get an A for effort.....

TwoBusy said...

You've just validated my fear of buying French wine.

Darren said...

We're clueless when it comes to French wine too.

We didn't even do the May assignment, but I would have tried a Syrah, a Shiraz, or a Rioja with barbecue.

Anonymous said...

Surprised they'd recommend pairing old world wine with new world food - and this was a guy who worked there for a while, not someone new and inexperienced?

Try a Malbec from Argentina with it next time - the spicy finish should really make the BBQ flavors pop