Sunday, May 10, 2009

How do you spell blecch?

We weren't doing anything "special" for Mother's Day -- just some pizza with salad, so I thought something described as an " everyday red table wine" would fit the bill. I purchased this wine some time ago at a wine shop that I've always had great luck with. Good wine, good selection, good price -- haven't been let down yet -- well.... until today.

il vino del lunedi -- Biso Biso Rosso -- The name is Italian and translates into "Monday's Wine" -- well, I couldn't drink this wine on Monday, a Mother's Day or any other day for that matter. The Big Dubya took a sip and said.... hmmm, it's o-kay. I took a sip and thought that maybe it had interacted really badly with a peice of pepperoni. I tried a second sip and it only got worse. At this point, I asked him if he was going to finish his glass -- he said he was, but wouldn't be having a second. I asked what it was he didn't like about it and he said he couldn't put his finger on it -- the first sip was smooth enough, but it's been down hill since.

I took yet another sip and determined that not only would I not be having a second glass, but this glass was going to be poured down the drain.... something I do not do lightly.

The Big Dubya asked me what I thought -- I told him I felt like my toungue was getting a chemical peel -- he laughed and then laughed some more when I cracked a can of Guinness to cleanse my palate. He ended up dumping his glass too. I can't really begin to describe what it was I didn't like about it - there wasn't just one thing wrong with it -- it was just terrible on every level.

Bottom line -- this wine is a stinker -- steer clear!

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We are finishing out review bottle now.