Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tastefully Simple!

A couple of months ago, I was invited to a Tastefully Simple party.

Normally, I'm not too enthused about such things.... you know how they can be -- you feel pressured to go, pressured to buy things you don't want, don't need and in some cases can't afford. The stuff gets delivered to you and then sits in the pantry 'til it expires and you throw it out. But, the hostess was kind enough to invite me and an evening out with the girls is rare these days -- so, I coerced my sister to come along and we went.

The girls -- really nice.
The food was good!

The drinks.... even better!

There was plenty of wine and snacks -- and then came time to order. And my sister's even more of an impulse buyer than I am, so the two of us were doomed!

I ordered a tub-o-chocolatini because it was delicious at the party -- now that I've got it at home.... 'eh -- it's just okay.

Would I buy it again?

Uhm probably not just for myself -- but for a party? -- it's handy and novel and yeah, sure why not? Some of the girls suggested embellishing it -- adding some half 'n half or other liqueurs.... maybe Bailey's or Frangelico hm... maybe I'll try that, see if my opinion changes.

I also ordered a box of the Bountiful Beer Bread. At the party I thought it was just okay -- I think the hostess said she had made it with Labatt's Blue -- the Tastefully Simple Rep said that the beer you used could make a big difference (translation: duh, don't use Miller Lite, stupid!). I say it was "okay" but that didn't stop me from slathering all kinds of insanely good and fatty dips all over it -- but honestly, I just wasn't sure if beer bread was for me.
For Superbowl Sunday, I made the bread at home with Berkshire Brewing Company's Gold Spike and HOLY CRAP is this bread good. I mean really, really good -- I mean, so good that I had a piece with my dinner last night and now I wish I'd brought a piece to have with my lunch today kind of good.
So, here's my question -- do you cook with beer?
I cook with wine all the time, and I've made Guinness beef stew once -- but, for some reason I felt kind of funny pouring beer into my bread mix (which, by the way is insanely easy to make....)


CPA Mom said...

Dude. The ONLY time I cook with beer is with Tastefully Simple (or Pampered Chef)'s beer bread. I could eat nothing but beer bread for a week.

I'm off to order. Thanks for the reminder. My hips, however, do NOT thank you.

Sue said...

Now I want to try some beer bread..We have made beef stew with Guinness before (some for the pot, some for me....)

nic said...

LOVE IT!!! just found the blog, but LOVE IT!!! we were made for each other.