Sunday, February 10, 2008

It’s Juuust Right…or Is It?

One of the reasons that Sue and I don’t post here too frequently is probably that we don’t really know what we’re talking about when it comes to wine. We know what we like when we taste it, but when it comes to using words like balance, body, bouquet, nose or finish, we’re little at a loss. Instead, our discussions of wine often go something like this:

“You like it?”

“It’s not bad, you?”


We drink it anyway.

Sue and I drink reds more than whites and, usually, one of us likes a wine more than the other. Sue favors lighter Merlots and Pinot Noirs; I usually like heavier Cabernets or Zinfandels. Sometimes, of course, we both really like a wine. This seems to happen most often with Italian Chiantis or Spanish Riojas. When we find one we both like, we usually buy it again.

A few weeks ago, we tried a 2003 Chianti Classico from Castello di Gabbiano that Sue picked up for $12.00. According to Cellar 360, Castello di Gabbiano’s sales partner, the Chianti Classico has “delicate floral aromas of violets and soft scents of fruity blackberry [that] mark the nose. The dry, medium-bodied palate is filled with robust tannins and flavors of black pepper, sweet spices, and a touch of light, toasted oak. The finish is long and dry.” Like I said, I never could have come up with the description myself. I could agree with it though—except for the violets, I’m not so sure I tasted violets.

A couple weeks later, we picked up another bottle specifically for the purpose of reviewing it here. (Yeah, that’s the only reason we bought it.) Same wine, same price, same store even. This time though, we didn’t really like it. It tasted more acidic and a little vinegary. We were hoping we could recommend this one, but now we’re not so sure.

Has anyone else had a bad second experience with a wine they liked the first time?


Mrs Big Dubya said...

That's the beauty of this site -- none of us knows what the hell we are talking about

Once I'm off the wagon, I'll be posting reviews with you guys again

Vicki said...

Ha! My husband and I took a wine tasting course and quickly renamed it the X Files of wine tasting...all our notes were erased after a few glasses!

~Static~ said...

I understand Dr. Lecter is also a big fan of a fine chianti with liver pate.

I hate liver, so I think I'll take your advice and try this one.

Nice blog. Alcohol and the internet? Man, this is a virtual utopia man.

Thanks for the comment by the way.


Sue said...

I had fallen in love with this one Yellow Tail wine and the next time it tasted all wonky to me. Never went back.

-The other Sue (as if there are only two of us)

Anonymous said...

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Jules said...

I thought I'd add my 2 cents worth. I like 'em sweet, so if you're a wine snob.... stop reading now.

Okay, now that I'm alone.... I like Beringer Vineyards White Zinfandel and Ice wine. Yum! And with zero calories as well!

Yummy Tummy Treats said...

Thanks for leaving me the comment. I have heard so much about you.

That retreat sounds great. I am sure by that time I will be looking forward to some other company besides my three year old.

I dont think this is the same blog of yours that J showed me before so I hope I am at the right place. I look forwad to talking with you more and learning more about everyone on here.

My sister in law and I took a wine tasting class it was really interesting. I learned a lot. I am like you I pretty much taste it and will tell you if I like it or dont like it. But the class actually taught me a few things like why pairing the right food with the wine helps the flavor. Myself I like sweet better than dry and bitter. But sometimes any will do just depends on the day and how much I need to relax.

Manager Mom said...

I am a huge zinfandel fan... email me, we'll swap some recos!

I think my biggest second-time disappointment was a wine from Sokol Blosser called "evolution" ( a white).

First time I had it I thought it was interesting... second time I thought it was just weird.

thekaz1969 said...

We had a bottle of Finca Sandoval in a restaurant once, and it was divine. My father-in-law and his friend tracked down a case, and his friend gave us a bottle. When we drank that at home, it was very good, but not as amazing as I remembered it.

Maybe it was the awesome food and atmosphere at the restaurant, I dunno...

Next time back, we had a bottle of Numanthia, which was even better.. still waiting for someone to give us a bottle of that to try a second time :)