Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ol' Reliable

We’ve actually had a few bottles of wine since I’ve last posted. But none of those bottles have made it through to a review. I’m guessing that all of us get a little busier as the holidays get closer and posting wine reviews is one of the first things to go.

There are a few standby wines that we buy when we want to be sure we’re getting something good—a favorite Rioja or Chianti or any one of a few California wines. A great, moderately-priced and interesting red blend that we love is Red Truck.

Red Truck is a Sonoma blend that we’ve had many times. Recently though, Sue found a Red Truck Pinot Noir. I also learned from their website that Red Truck makes a Merlot and Cabernet. There’s also a White Truck blend, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and a Pink Truck. (All of the “Truck” wines are a division of Cline Cellars.)

As claimed, the 2006 Red Truck Pinot Noir was smooth with a mix of fruity and spicy tastes. I actually could make out the cherries that the label said were in there too. Sue and I both enjoyed this wine and, although we’re not great at describing tastes in detail, we recommend it. All of the Truck wines we’ve tried have been good and they always seem popular at our local wine stores too—even though the Red Truck name has only been used since 2002. The website seems fun too and you can sign up to become a “Friend of Red Truck.” I sent in my email address. If I get anything good, I’ll let you all know.


Mrs Big Dubya said...

Thanks.... I think we've got a bottle of red truck on our wine rack.... another that I bought b/c I liked the label -- I know, I'm such a connoisseur


Joeprah said...

I enjoy the blends especially around the holidays. So many different types of foods and blends seem to be perfect because they can go with a myriad of cuisines. Nice pick! Peace out!

"J" said...

I went to the website to find out "WHERE" I could find this...
Any ways...they sent me a cute little pkg of stuff!! =) I thought that was really cool of them!!! They seem like a GREAT company! I want to try me some PINK truck!!!