Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sofia Sparkling Wine

The other night I was looking for a good wine to go with the baby back ribs I slow cooked in a ginger-y Asian sauce. Though I normally don't drink a lot of white wines, I was thinking I wanted something a little fun and fruity. So for just a shade over $15, I grabbed a bottle of Niebaum Coppola's Sofia Blanc de Blancs.

Billed as a wine that pairs well with chicken or pork, it had smooth citrus and melon notes that were a perfect complement for the hoisin sauce-based marinade I had slathered all over the ribs. What's more, for someone who has been slacking since joining this esteemed collection of drinkers, I am proud to report that it counted for three-in-one research: It's a California wine, it's a sparkling wine and it's a wine I'd give as a gift or serve during the holidays.

And just look at this packaging (captured poorly with my cell phone's camera):

Cute pink plastic! A delicate floral label! You know you want to grab a few bottles of this and get the girls together for a mani-pedi (and drinking a ton of this) night! You'll also find this sold in smart red cans (each of them with their own straw), a perfect solution for serving guests at holiday parties. Check it out and let me know what you think!


Darren said...

Great post. And without it we might have gone the whole month without a review.

Mrs Big Dubya said...


you must be a Mommy!

Thanks for the review

Darren said...

That should have been "without YOU we might have gone the whole month without a review." I just noticed your other one too.

I'll be posting soon...promise.

Sue said...

So when is the mani pedi party??

Joeprah said...

I guess my review doesn't count? I enjoy sparklers as a nice alternative that suprisingly pair well with a wide range of meals. Nice suggestion and good review.

Amy Turn Sharp said...

my fave
I drink it from thanksgiving till jan 1st ")

Darren said...

Joe, just ignore my comments. I thought this one was yours too. I apparently can't read very well.