Saturday, January 23, 2010

Opera not-so Prima

So, we picked up a bottle of 2007 Opera Prima Merlot based solely on the bottle.... I thought it was pretty. This isn't exactly what it looked like, but close enough.... picture a big '07 instead of the '08 and well, that's pretty much what it looked like.

I opened it while I waited for Mr Big Dubya to come home from work, I poured a glass and began to sip...... it was acidic -- not very pleasing.

Let it breath, I told myself -- maybe this is one that will benefit from some breathing.

So I set my glass down and resumed yelling at my children.

Mr Big Dubya arrived home and poured himself a glass. Unremarkable and pedestrian is how he described it -- bland, slightly acidic but more so just blah.

We finished the bottle, but weren't wishing we had picked up another -- and probably wouldn't bother getting it again.


Mrs Big Dubya said...

hahaha -- just came across the receipt.... $4.99 no wonder it wasn't so good :)

A Vapid said...

I hate when that happens. Lucky for us we are very close to about 15 wine shops in about a five mile radius.

Sue said...

Ouch! hate when that happens!

davetwilliams1978 said...

You made the right decision of not ordering more of it for its truly not good for you. Aside from the taste its not good to your body as well. Be careful the next time you choose what to drink. ab circle pro reviews