Monday, July 6, 2009

Pink Truck

I drink the wine, I just don’t usually post. Lazy I guess. And I hadn’t even checked the website for the July assignment when, luckily for me, Clare picked out this wine when we were at the package store. (What? You don’t let your seven year old choose your wine? I won’t judge). Since she’s a girly girl, she chose a pink wine. Pink Truck wine to be exact. The wine sells for $8.99 on the website, and I paid $9.99 at the package store.

Now Darren and I like the other truck wines (Red Truck and White Truck), so we had high expectations for the Pink Truck. Cline Vineyard is the originator of the Truck wines (they’ve since sold the brand to the current owners – check out the website for more info) and the Red and White Truck wines have been pretty consistent in their appeal and value.

As I said, high expectations. This will come back to haunt us. I placed the Pink Truck in the refrigerator to chill and we opened it the night of 4th of July while watching fireworks on tv (first from DC, then NYC). The wine’s color is reminiscent of pink Hi-C lemonade in the glass…and the smell was fruity. Zinfandel, Grenache and Mourverde are blended to make this wine.

The Red Truck website describes the Pink Truck wine as “a classic wine with a very sophisticated twist. This exceptional blend exhibits berry and citrus aromas and strawberry, raspberry and pomegranate flavors that tantalize the palate. Juicy orange notes make for a delicious, bright finish - a refreshingly complex wine crafted in a balanced off-dry style.”

Fruity smell – check. First sip (still pretty chilled at this point) similar to Bartles and Jaymes (those of you in college in the 80’s with me will know of what I speak). Not entirely bad – we’re thinking this could be a nice picnic wine; definitely summery.

However, as the wine warms, things take a turn for the worse. Cough medicine might be one way to describe it – very heavy and syrupy. I couldn’t finish my glass of wine (yes, I will be confessing this sin next time I go), and Darren actually dumped the rest of the bottle down the drain. This is one truck we won’t be picking up again (but do try the Red or White Trucks).


Mrs Big Dubya said...

Bummer --

I've tried Red Truck and if memory serves.... it was a decent table wine -- too bad Pink Truck didn't hold up to well.

Thanks for the warning -- I'll steer clear(I think we shop at the same package store!)

TwoBusy said...

At least your drains got a good cleaning out of it.

Anonymous said...

I just bought a bottle the other day, cuz I like the Red and White Truck :( I wonder if I can use it to macerate fruits or something?

Mrs BigDubya said...

Anonymous.... that's a good idea -- I wonder if there are other things you can do with wine that isn't "drinkable" --

Macerate fruit?

Maybe mix it with seltzer and make it a spritzer?

Any other ideas?

Darren said...

While it was still very cold it wasn't that bad. Mixing it with seltzer and ice might have worked.

Anonymous said...

We made fruit salad one time and mixed it with overly sweet white wine - it made the fruit taste sweeter and was pretty refreshing!

Maybe it might be good to cook fruit compote, too... sometimes recipes call for cooking certain fruits w/ sugar and wine. If the wine is sweet, you can always cut the sugar.